DrapCode: Creating a 6-month Marketing Strategy for this No-Code Platform

Problem Statement

You are hired to grow & market the product, DrapCode. Assume the company has just started up and needs you to prepare an actionable marketing strategy for its first 6 months.

  1. Pick the TOP 3 channels you would choose for marketing
  2. Explain why & how you chose those 3 channels
  3. Give specific details on execution specific to this company (not generic pointers)

User Persona

Meet Jay (Customer)


Name: Jay Verma
Age: 28 Years
City: Delhi

A Young Startup founder looking for a way to build a prototype of his product

Meet Anjali (Customer)


Name: Anjali K
Age: 32 Years
City: Pune

A Mid-Career Professional who runs a small business selling handmade soaps and looking to achieve financial Independence before 40


  • Build an online marketplace that sells handmade soaps
  • Customize web design easily to match her branding


  • Lack of prior experience in web development
  • Limited budget for website development
  • Need for flexibility in website design

Top 3 Marketing Channels for DrapCode

Search (Search Engine Optimization + Search Engine Marketing)

  • As a no-code platform for building web apps, DrapCode is likely to attract users who are looking for easy ways to build websites.
  • It is a great way to reach out to potential customers who are searching for keywords related to web development and app-building.
  • SEO is an organic approach to marketing. This means that good content will stick to the potential users at an incredibly low cost.
  • SEO, in itself, can take some time to show results. That’s why we will be using SEM to expedite the process. SEM will indirectly help our SEO efforts by providing a push to engagement metrics. SEM will also increase our visibility and drive traffic to the site.

Influencer Marketing

  • Influencer marketing will be an effective way to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around DrapCode.
  • It can be a great marketing channel because we will be leveraging existing networks and personal brands. This will build trust among potential users.
  • It is well-suited for products like DrapCode that appeal to niche audiences with specific needs.
  • Also, as DrapCode has just started up, influencer marketing makes even more sense as it will help us reach our intended audience quicker.

Content Marketing

  • “Content is King” – It’s 2023 and leveraging content is a must. It is important to leverage content because we have these amazing, attention-grabbing platforms called social media.
  • According to this article, Indian users spent 2.4 hours on social media per day. And this was a report published in 2019. In 2023, the number would be much higher.
  • Therefore, it only makes sense to grab those eyeballs and market our product using content.
  • Also, Content Marketing is very cost-effective and helps us reap benefits in the long term as well.

How did I select these three options?

  • I have used the Cost-Effort-Impact framework to come to a conclusion.
  • The basic formula to reject a channel is to look at the comparative cost, effort, and impact of that channel.
  • A channel with high cost and/or effort has to be discarded. Also, a channel with low impact has been discarded as well.
  • High, Low, and Moderate are comparative metrics.
Marketing ChannelCostEffortImpact
Cold calling/emailingModerateHighModerate
TV & RadioHighHighLow
Social Media AdvertisementHighLowModerate
Content MarketingLowModerateHigh
Influencer MarketingModerateLowHigh

Action Plan


Plan Execution

Month 1

SEO has 3 core components:

  1. Technical SEO – Website performance and structure
  2. On-Page SEO – Content & Keyword
  3. Off-Page SEO – Backlinks

A quick Technical SEO audit gave me the following results.


  1. Migrate the DrapCode landing page and blog to WordPress while the app would function as usual. This would help in two ways:
    • Easily maintain the static website and optimize it quickly
    • Free up the technical resources such as Developers as a single resource can maintain a WordPress website
    • Cost savings because a WordPress website is cheap.
  2. Find 25-30 keywords with low competition, high intent, and high search volume. I found out that DrapCode is ranking number 4 for the following keyword:

Some of the keywords that I found using Google, Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, and Wordstream are:

KeywordSearch Volume/ MonthCompetitionSearch Intent
no code web app builder1600MediumMedium
build website10K – 100KMediumHigh
build app no code3600MediumHigh
develop web app1K – 10KLowHigh
no code app development1K – 10KMediumMedium

  1. Identify pillar content such as:
    • The Ultimate Guide to Building a Web App Using No Code
    • Future of No Code Web Development
    • How to Create Unique Web Apps with DrapCode
    • Web Development 101: Understanding the Basics of Building Web Apps
  2. Optimize the new website for identified keywords. Incorporate keywords into page titles, headings, and body copy. Optimize meta descriptions and title tags for improved click-through rates.
  3. Identify potential influencers to partner with. The best criteria would be to find Micro-influencers with niches in SaaS, No Code, and Startups and have a High Engagement rate. Some of the influencers that I identified:
  4. How will Content Marketing work?

Please note that Pillar content is our main content in the form of a video and we will be making at least 7-8 different pieces of content out of it (or more) by repurposing the content and we will be using different content pieces on different platforms.

For example, distribution across the week will look like the table below:

Topic: The Ultimate Guide to Building a Web App using No Code (Long Video Posted on Youtube on Saturday)
Instagram Reel 1 (Posted on Sunday)Design tips and tricks for no-code builders
Instagram Reel 2 (Posted on Wednesday)Showcasing the end results of no code (Before vs After)
Youtube Shorts 1 (Posted on Saturday)Showcase the ease of use
Youtube Shorts 2 (Posted on Monday)Showcase all the integrations with DrapCode
LinkedIn Post 1 (Posted on Tuesday)Choosing the right no-code platform for your needs
LinkedIn Post 2 (Posted on Thursday)Launching and promoting your web app
Twitter Thread (Posted on Friday)Planning your no code web app project

Month 2-6

After building the foundation in the first month, we will be doubling down our action plan.

Goals1. Attract as many potential users as possible to the website.
2. Capture their interest.
3. Increase user signups
Iterative Tasks1. Create & Post 1 SEO-optimized blog post of 1500-2000 words per week.
2. Run Search Engine Marketing on the topic for the rest of the week, targeting the same keywords.
3. Track and Analyze the performance of ads and do A/B Tests.
Content Marketing
Goals1. Attract as many potential users as possible to the pillar content.
2. Build an organic audience.
3. Education and Inform the audience on No Code, SaaS, & Startups.
Iterative Tasks1. Create & Post 1 Pillar content video per week on Youtube.
2. For the next 6 Days distribute different pieces of content across platforms.
3. Track and Analyze the performance of different content pieces.
Influencer Marketing
Goals1. Promote DrapCode to existing communities and groups
2. Build Trust
3. Increase user signups
Iterative Tasks1. Invite 5 influencers each week to try out DrapCode and push for free promotion on their youtube channel, community groups, or newsletters.
2. Negotiate with Influencers.
3. Create campaigns using Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder.
4. Track Campaign Metrics

Some more pointers

  • Even though Content Marketing involves multiple distribution channels, I have kept it as a consolidated marketing channel because the cost and efforts to distribute content across multiple platforms effectively are very incremental.
  • Please note that Search efforts will ultimately result in website visits. To capture leads through those visits, capturing email details can be important and is advised.

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