WeConsult – A Marketplace connecting Consultants with Customers


WeConsult is a marketplace of India’s best freelance consultants, across verticals, on a single platform, offering advice and consultancy with ease and transparency.

Let’s build an MVP for the WeConsult app. To clarify, Freelancing Consultants could be:

  • Astrologers
  • CA
  • Dietitians
  • Psychologists
  • Career Counselors and more…

What is an MVP? 
Minimum viable product is a version of the product in an early state. It helps to test the hypothesis of the idea. This MVP is the base standard on which our final product will be built upon. 


  • Key metrics to assess before going ahead with the product 
  • Basic features of the application 
  • Basic layout of the application 
  • Competitive landscape
  • How will the Hook Framework work out for this product?


  • This product will not be like Upwork or Fiverr where projects are executed. It would just be about consulting through personal interaction.
  • The primary market goal is to gain market share and eventually, revenue.
  • This plan would be for Indian Market only to start with.
  • It would be a generic platform, suitable for all kinds of consultants.

Understanding Business Problem

Lack of Quality Expertise
There is a lack of quality consultants available to consumers. We should solve for quality through a vetting process.

Lack of Online Access
The majority of consultants such as CAs, Astrologers, etc are only available offline. Providing online access increases convenience.

Wastage of User Time
Providing an all-in-one platform for search, connect and payment would solve inefficient systems and save customers a lot of time.

Higher Costs
With an aggregator platform, there would be more options for customers to choose and compare from, thus promoting competition and lower costs.

Product Features

Consultant Search
Users should be able to search & compare consultant profiles with ease.

Transparent Comparison
Users should be able to see ratings, service pricing and compare offerings.

One Tap Online Booking
Users should be able to book a service with a consultant quickly.

Convenient Remote Consultation
Users should be able to get consultations over chat & video calls.

Secure, Online Payments
Users should be able to make payments for services securely.

User Journey

Revenue Model

10% Commission

We would charge a flat 10% commission for each paid consultation.

Listing Charges

We can also charge a minimal listing charge from our consultants.

Promotion Charges

After achieving growth, we can introduce advertisements to list consultants on the top.

User Persona

Meet Santosh (Customer)

Santosh Verma
Age: 34 Years
City: Delhi
Job: Senior Management

Wants & Needs

  • Looking to consult with a CA to reduce his tax burden.
  • Looking for a psychologist to help him manage his stress.
  • Looking for a dietician who can help him create a healthy diet plan.


  • Have to pay high taxes
  • Job is very stressful
  • Have picked up bad food habits


  • To save more money
  • Have a Care-free lifestyle
  • Getting healthy

Meet Nisha (Customer)

Nisha Sharma
Age: 30 Years
City: Mumbai
Job: Receptionist

Wants & Needs

  • Looking for an astrologer who can help her with marriage predictions.
  • Looking for a career coach to guide her toward a high-paying career path.


  • Unable to find a suitable groom
  • Stuck in a low-paying job


  • Getting married
  • Earn more income

Meet Gaurav (Consultant)

Gaurav Ahuja
Age: 36 Years
City: Gurugram
Job: Sales Consulting

Wants & Needs

  • Looking to expand his online sales consulting business.
  • Looking to build a personal brand and get visible to more people.


  • Lack of growth
  • Consistent need to reach out to customers


  • Generate more revenue without much CapEx
  • Get more popular to get more clients

Competitive Landscape

Major Competitors

Multi-Aggregator CompetitorsJustDial, Sulekha
Specialized CompetitorsAstroyogi, Manastha, CareerGuide
Replacement CompetitorsSocial Media Influencers who consult

Even through there are no similar direct competitors, the above list of businesses can compete with WeConsult on some levels.

Preliminary Competitive analysis

OverviewHigh-Quality Consultant MarketplaceLocal Business Listing and BookingLocal Business Listing and Enquiry
StrengthsConvenient & Better QualityHighest Brand awarenessVetting process of businesses
WeaknessesNew ProductLow Quality & No vettingPoor User Experience
Core FeaturesSearch, Connect, Consult & PaySearch Locally, Connect/BookSearch Locally, Enquire
Revenue ModelCommission-BasedBusiness Listing fees, Customized plansSubscription Fee from Businesses

Competitive Matrix


North Star Metric

  • North Star Metric would be our primary KPI.
  • It will help us focus on one goal.
  • The chosen NSM is:


  • I chose this metric because this one metric can measure the complete essence of the business we are planning for.

Secondary Success Metrics

Weekly Consultant ListingsHow many consultants are signing up on a weekly basis?
Weekly Customer SignupsHow many customers are signing up weekly?
Customer/Consultant RatioWe need to maintain a healthy customer/consultant ratio as it makes sure that we are maintaining a balance in our marketplace.
Net Promoter ScoreNPS score will help us determine how likely our customers are going to recommend WeConsult to their peers.

Hook Framework For WeConsult

In product management, a “hook framework” refers to a model or methodology that is designed to encourage users to engage with a product or service repeatedly, creating a habit-forming loop. This framework is often used in the development of consumer-facing digital products such as mobile apps, social media platforms, and online games.

The hook framework typically consists of four stages:

  1. Trigger: This is the initial cue or prompt that encourages the user to engage with the product. For example, a notification that alerts the user to a new message or update.
  2. Action: This is the user’s response to the trigger, which involves engaging with the product in some way. For example, opening the app or clicking on a link.
  3. Variable reward: This is the element of the product that provides the user with some form of gratification or satisfaction, which varies each time they engage with the product. For example, receiving a like or comment on a post, unlocking a new level in a game, or discovering a new feature.
  4. Investment: This is the stage where the user is encouraged to invest time, effort, or personal data into the product, in order to increase their engagement and build a stronger habit. For example, setting up a profile, customizing preferences, or connecting with other users.

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