Improve Engagement and Monetization for a Gaming App through a new Leaderboard Feature

Problem Statement

Assume, you are a Product Manager at a Gaming Company. Currently, the product you are responsible for (a freemium match 3 game) is currently live with 25000+ active players, your stakeholders have tasked you to add a new leaderboard feature to the product to improve engagement and monetization. You need to identify what the feature would be and when will be the best time to introduce it in the game with over 1000 levels.

User Research Questions

I have listed down the set of questions that you will ask your customers to ensure that the feature requirements are complete and comprehensive.

I have chosen 10 questions to ask our customers, as in my experience 10 questions are ideal to increase the response rate from the customers without annoying them:

  • How frequently do you play the game?
  • Would you like to compete against other players in the game from all around the world?
  • How would you feel if you were ranked on the basis of your wins?
  • Would you like to compete against your friends?
  • Would you like to play in a team against the other team?
  • Would you enjoy competing in a tournament?
  • Should there be in-game rewards for winning against other players?
  • Would you like to redeem the rewards you won by winning the in-game goodies?
  • Would you like to add players as your in-game friends to play with them?
  • Would you like to share your gaming accomplishments with your friends on Facebook and Instagram?

User Journey Flow

Assuming that most of the users are willing to participate and play in leaderboards, I have created the user journey in a flow diagram that explains how users will engage with this feature.

Product Requirements Document


Our goal is to build new Social Leaderboards that will enable users to compete against other players, form teams, add friends to their friend list, and get ranked on the leaderboards to improve engagement and monetization.

  • Feature Vision: To enable players to compete against each other and get ranked in the leaderboards.
  • Goals: Our major goals are to increase the in-game engagement rate and revenue. This can be achieved by increasing the time a user spends in the app.
  • User Group: All active users above level 30.

User Stories and Acceptance Criteria

User StoriesAcceptance Criteria
As a user, I should be able to compete with other players so that I can get ranked better on the leaderboards.Only users above level 30 should be able to participate in leaderboards. Users can play against other users online. Users can get ranked on the leaderboards depending on their rank. Users can earn in-game rewards by winning against other players.
As a user, I should be able to add friends and play friendly matches against them so that we can find out who is better.Users can add friends by searching their IDs. Users can play against their friends.
As a user, I should be able to form a team of 2, 3, or 4 players so that I can compete against other teams.Users can form teams by inviting other users using their IDs. Users can choose to form a team of 2,3 or 4 players. Depending upon the number of players in a team, users can play against other teams with similar numbers of players.
As a user, I should be able to compete in a tournament so that I can win big rewards.Users can compete in tournaments if they have sufficient in-game points. Users can use the rewards they have won by winning against other players. Users will earn big rewards after winning the tournament. Users will be ranked after the tournament ends. Users will be able to make payments to buy some extra rewards.
As a user, I should be able to share my accomplishments with my friends on Social Media.Users can share screenshots of their accomplishments on Social Media by clicking the share button.


FUTE (First Time User Experience)

  1. Onboarding and Tutorial: When a new user first launches the game, they must be given a tutorial and onboarding experience that explains the essential game concepts. This can involve giving them a quick tutorial level that teaches them how to match tiles and score points.
  2. Introducing the Leaderboard Feature: After the instruction, the user can see a pop-up or notification that introduces them to the leaderboard feature. This may help to explain how the leaderboard enables them to compete with other players and gauge their performance.
  3. Navigating the Leaderboard: To access the functionality, click on the leaderboard symbol. The leaderboard should be made to be both aesthetically pleasing and simple to comprehend. The user has access to both their own ranking and score as well as the best results of other players.
  4. Competing on the leaderboard: The user can replay levels to try to get a better score in order to compete on the scoreboard. Additionally, they can view the highest scores for each level and attempt to surpass them.
  5. Awards and Achievements: The user can acquire awards and achievements as they compete on the leaderboard by hitting particular milestones or achieving specific objectives. These accolades and accomplishments could be shown in the user’s profile or on the leaderboard.

Success Metrics

MetricDefinitionSuccess Criteria
Daily Active Users (DAU)The number of unique users who engage with the leaderboard feature each dayIncrease in DAU by at least 10% compared to baseline, with sustained growth over time
Retention RateThe percentage of users who return to the game after using the leaderboard featureIncrease in retention rate by at least 5% compared to baseline, with sustained growth over time
MonetizationThe amount of revenue generated by the leaderboard feature through in-app purchases and adsIncrease in revenue by at least 5% compared to baseline, with sustained growth over time
User SatisfactionThe satisfaction of users with the leaderboard feature, as measured by ratings and feedbackAverage rating of 4.0 or higher on app stores, with at least 80% positive feedback in user surveys

Release Notes for Play Store

We’re excited to announce a new leaderboard feature in our Match 3 game that will enhance your gaming experience and bring new levels of excitement to the game! With this feature, you can now compete with players from around the world and see how you stack up against the competition.

Here’s what you can expect from the new leaderboard feature:

  • Compete with players from around the world: You can now see where you rank compared to other players in the game. Are you a master match 3 player? Now you can prove it!
  • Track your progress: You can track your progress and improvement over time as you climb the leaderboard ranks.
  • New challenges and rewards: As you progress up the leaderboard ranks, you’ll unlock new challenges and rewards to keep you engaged and motivated.

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